Tuesday, 10 February 2015

‘Social Media on Mobile Vs Web – How has it impacted your life?

Connecting with convenience.Its a statement for how we all have access to life changing aspects in our hand, in our mobile.
Invented for communication, used for questioning the injustice now.Mobile data has not changed the way we live, but has impacted the way we think, and react to the events around us the moment we hear the beep, wherever we are.
A year and half ago, a girl was molested in a sleeper bus from her way to Chennai from Hyderabad.She trashed the guy, took his pictures on her mobile and posted on Facebook along with his phone number that she got from the Travels.What a way to shame a guy without stepping down from the vehicle!
Among the groups, a set of girls who were shunned by the society with no fault of theirs have found a powerful stage to shout it out.They are all victims of acid attacks.They bust the myth of "She is responsible for this attack" by speaking on their Facebook page.Now they are the Sheroes.I adore them on the go from my humble mobile phone which turned from smart to semi smart after withstanding numerous attacks by my toddler.Still worth showing off as a token of motherhood memories.

Earlier there was a notion that a woman or man tend to disconnect from all of their friends after tying the knot, not anymore! We formed our Whatsapp group, managed to trace all our college and school friends, exchange jokes and trivia over a cuppa chai just like the good old times.
An honest confession here, though it may seem funny.There are lesser disagreements among the couples.Both have managed to squeeze their "my time" on their mobiles.We feel less lost after marriage.This is the best thing about smartphones.Happy families build a happy nation.

Now we have a perfectly open platform to type our opinions and ideas on any unfortunate crime.This way we can unburden the guilt of being silent at a sin, and credit ourselves for listening to that still small voice of ours.Souls are smiling with satisfaction, blessing the tabs, mobiles and founders of social networks!

 “I am participating in the #SMWBangalore activity at BlogAdda in association with Social Media Week Bangalore“.

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 “I am participating in the #SMWBangalore activity at BlogAdda in association with Social Media Week Bangalore

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