Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Set the trend..easy on your pocket.

Hey fashion crazy people!!
Im a hardcore middle class girl.Even if you give me a crore rupees now, I make sure that I spend it on my clothes in a most effective stingy way, and manage to get the best of it.
I know and experience homemakergiri, where we love to have something really desperate, but we have to think of those pending credit card bills on furniture, kids vaccines etc etc.So as a tribute to incomeless people like me, for all the hardwork you do, as a daughter, wife, and a mom, I decided to take a little time everyday and share with you the deals I come across.
My pick of the day will be Fashionandyou.com. Great deals today.Shoes are simply wow from Nell brand , good from Jodie.If there is a deal on Spykar, go for it.I got an awesome tunic for 400 there.
Myntra.com has 50% off from 8pm on wards.
I recently got a dress on Myntra for 300 from a brand called Meirs.Trust me, the prices tripled today.
Trustworthy small brands are 499, Style Quotient, and Meira. Don't miss deals on that.
More tomorrow.


Pick of the day on Myntra is Vero Moda trousers.

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