Monday, 9 February 2015

Season or reason?Shopping smart !

Hope all had a great weekend.Some relax, some roam around. Everyone has a different definition of enjoying.That extends to many spheres.Many excitedly purchase stuff as it is in vogue or because everyone is wearing them.After two or more appearances that item lies sad in our cupboard, leading a lonely existence.This is especially true in case of sarees, and sherwanis.Our wedding ones..real nightmares!A well known socialite wore a gown in her wedding celebrations which has to be kept only in a flat position during transportation!Even the rich have to take care of those bulky, delicate stuff of the Big day.

Well, I have a 12-year old halter neck grey shimmery top which I recently teamed with cotton printed trousers and it was great.
I had my cousin's denim ghagra which when paired with a black top looked so nice.It lasted really long.
While shopping, go for pieces which are trendy, but could be teamed with anything in future after the trend gives way to something better.Never discard a good quality denim.I wore a 2008 pair till 2014, and as it faded it looked so good.
Moreover, there is no harm in not looking at the trends.Not knowing whats trendy keeps your funky, individual style alive.
I share with you some ideas to make those stunning pieces you got long ago more usable.
Men have trouble wearing sherwanis.Come on guys.It is really refreshing to see a guy in traditional attire.Go for a new matching dhoti pant in a bright colour and wear the shimmery wedding kurta over it.Have you tried wearing cufflinks with some traditional stuff?
If you have an old Green Kanchivaram saree, just make sure you put on blood red lipstick suited to your skin tone.Voila!
Creative gals are stitching their wedding sarees into Punjabi suits and Lehengas in contemporary style.
Some sarees can be stitched into Kurtas paired with good quality leggings.
Denim pants and shirts can be made into shrugs.
Kindly take help of a good tailor who can understand your enthusiasm.
Designer Ritu Beri started her own line at the age of 20.She hails from an army background.She is a rebellious girl who instilled it in her designs."Who said that this particular blazer should have only four buttons?I will make it three or six."
These different and unique thoughts made her famous.
I know women who pair great earrings with old fashioned clothes which surely makes a difference.Add a pair of  stylish wedges to a non anarkali normal churidar and see the change.(Sea change!)
We must also know that once people see how we feel about ourselves, they hardly pay any attention to how expensive our dress and accessories are.
I completely support donating of clothes.However these are ways to hold on to those things from our loved ones, our greatest days.For a little longer.
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  1. Yes, attending a function in a traditional attire does make people notice you.

    1. Yes, and please so try the cufflinks and sherwani thing!!Just saw ur blog..Lovely and I am surely gonna visit the store mentioned.Its such a co-incidence that I wanna visit The Tiara too, as their coaching will help my skills too.

  2. Well said.. I have a couple of friends who transformed their wedding lehenga into anarkali... They are cool ideas... Thanks for sharing!