Friday, 6 February 2015

Fashion defines you, or you define fashion?

A 5 feet ten inch model walks on the ramp with a dress which has some 50 patches and 60 slits on it and is limited to her thighs.This is a regular scene at any fashion week.Her hair is some puzzling knot, make-up looks like she just cried in the wash room before walking on the ramp.
Now, are these top designers hell bent on making dresses for such tall models wearing some towering heels?
What makes a country fashionable?Is the Ramp Chic, Couture etc fancy fashion, wearable, affordable ?
Lets speak of our nation.Out of the teeming, ever increasing 1.2 billion people, hardly 50 crore are in a position to think of good clothing.
Well, just look around, and in the many of us are above 5 feet 6 inches?How many are pencil thin, having concave stomachs, as if some intestines have been scooped out?
How many are comfortable wearing Sky high it even healthy in the first place to walk with your toes??
Is fashion only for the rich and famous?But they are very few in number.We, the middle class students, homemakers, working women, new dads, college guys, part time workers, start up founders..are in a large number.However we look, lets be our best today.We need not compete with the fair neighbor, or the tall colleague.
And the budget.Can we be comfortable in clothes which made us swipe our cards for half of our salary.or more than that?
Never go beyond your means and look good.It isn't worth the tension.Don't ever pester your parents to give money for great stuff.

I say the streets define fashion. Wearability defines fashion.
Health defines fashion.Our comfort defines fashion.
We define the fashion around us.Attitude defines us.
My sincere request to all is purchase what you love, and which suits you.Don't ever try to squeeze your feet into those shoes.Just wear them.If you cannot, it's not for you.
That dress in the cupboard which has been kept for special occasion when you lose two sizes.Why is it so important.?Exchange it with your cousin who fits in it.
Try running around in your favorite dress, or take a brisk walk.All of us don't travel in cars all the we?
So today, divide your wardrobe.It really helps to edit our wardrobes once in a while.
Separate things as
What you wear if you have to walk a lot.
What you wear if you are just getting down the car to the mall and back.
What you wear if you are taking a kid with you and need to run behind him or her.
This applies to both men and women.
For men its more of casual and formal though.
Remember that your wife doesn't like to see you wearing formal shirts in malls.Please try to wear more casual, young and trendy stuff in colors when you are an outing.
Keep the less expensive ones for home wear however new they are.Or wear them out just once and keep as daily wear later.
Kindly share more tips you have in the comments box.
Thank you for reading.:-)

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