Monday, 4 May 2015

Old is gold for fashion too!!

Long time!But its always nice to write about what we all love!Clothes, shoes, make-up, appearance, great stuff to make life even better!
The other day I was rearranging my cupboard, which we call "editing".We all give away what is too small or big, or what you are bored of.Who says a Diva cannot be a great human being!?
Some clothes are put on hibernation when others merrily are taken out for displaying.
I found a 12 year old steel grey halter neck top which still fits me perfect.I was wondering what goes well with it..My attention went to a new pair of  blue slim fit jeans.The match making's just started!

The dark grey six-year old trousers perfectly complemented a new white kurta.The lower part of the trousers flares a little bit which gives a Palazzo pants look with that white, tight fitting kurta.
badge So much of our stuff is kept in the wardrobes waiting for that special occasion, date or party, or outing, but does it hurt to wear a great dress at home, just for yourself? Not at all!
So don't be shy, girls and guys, just be your best today, for yourself first.
And keep looking into your old stuff which you may have bought with your hard earned first salary or was a gift from a dear one, it may be just in vogue now.
Mirror work is back again.
Block heels are here..
For men, Nehru Jackets are trending once more, perfect for the summer party or evening get together.
This summer stay chilled in those loose pants rather than leggings or jeggings.Make sure you wear light colours during the day. Eat lots of salads, have great tasting fruit juices, and be healthy!!See you after some days, and as I said earlier in my FB post, some positive changes are going to take place in the blog, but couldn't resist to write:-)

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