Sunday, 6 September 2015

Best brands online for shoes.

(First, I will start with great news! I passed my ICWA Inter, and now I am the Notable Newbie at since Aug 24. Thank you so much for your support! I hope my blogs will be useful to you in reducing costs as I aspire to be a Cost Accountant soon!)

With your inbox filled with "Sale, OMG , last day, hurry up, 50 percent off, 100 percent off " mails, you might be wondering what to purchase, and what not to.
I can actually shortlist some really good, durable and economically priced shoe brands purchased online along with the fitting details.
First I will tell you what never to do.

  • Do not go for products which cannot be returned, even if they are being given free. The product with bad quality or sizing, will be a burden on your wardrobe.
  • Do not go for an online purchase if your foot shape/size is different from usual.
  • For example, some have wider feet for their foot size, or thinner feet, which makes it difficult to find the exact fit online.
  • If your net connection is bad, wait till it is restored, don't ever hurry on a purchase if you cannot access all the information properly.
  • Never skip the size charts, as some brands have different sizes for your foot length.

Here are the best brands whose purchase I cherish.

(Pic courtesy
I always purhase shoes from Nell. It is a good quality brand, and durable too.Maximum of my online purchases are Nell shoes.


(Pic courtesy
I was going abroad, to Copenhagen and my trip was only 5 days away. I ordered two pairs of sneakers from the said brand , both below 1000 INR, and trust me, I totally loved them as they kept me warm even at 11 degree Celcius temperature. Why to spend more?

Another durable, well fitting and very trendy designs of shoes. Light weight and light on pocket too.

Pic courtesy

It is a great brand of shoes available on Myntra..I could not procure a pic as Myntra is now only on App.
Other brands are Miss She, and Colours.
They are just worth the money if not more.
If you have tried these brands earlier please share your feedback with me.


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    1. Hi Ananya..Thank you..Will surely c your vlog!

  2. First of all congrats for CWA inter... And then for the Notable Newbie..
    These info are really useful... more so cz I am terrified to buy shoes online... But this post makes me think - why not!

  3. Hey Thanx a lot! i will post pics of my online shoes collection soon:-)

  4. Brilliant description about Shoe Brands in India . There are many online portal that provides the Aldo Shoes for Men at a great market price.