Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Hope you all are enjoying colorful trends this season!
Today I am telling you people about what I absolutely adore!
It is a tried and tested brand.
I am using Oriflame for the past three years.
I never liked make-up earlier, but for my wedding, a beautician suggested Oriflame.
I was very happy with the 3 lipsticks, a foundation bottle, a compact and an eye shadow I used for a couple of years. Later I discovered the entire range and was astonished to see the unbeatable prices and quality of the products.
Unique features of Oriflame:-
Pocket friendly :
Oriflame does not have dynamic advertising campaigns. Their models are not top actresses who charge crores. That's why they have affordable prices for high quality products.

No Animal Testing.
Oriflame does not test it's products on animals. They have human volunteers.

Harmless Ingredients.
 I have a sensitive skin with frequesnt breakouts.I tried many International brands but only Oriflame suited me the best.

Long before other brands started this, Oriflame skin care has classified their products according to Age, Skin Type and Skin problems.

Effective and long lasting.
Their facewash and shampoos last really long time. I still use one bottle of facewash for atleast three months. Two people using twice a day for three months. Totally worth the money.

If you are that Diva who wants the best, they have Giordani range too. Still much much more to say!
Nail Polishes, Lipsticks, Lip Balms, Shampoos, Facewashes, Toner, Creams, Foundation, Compact, and awwwwsum Perfumes(Below 1000 rs ones are great!!), Ritu Kumar Scarf, Mascaras,Hair Sprays, cleansing pads, and much more products, I used them all , sell and gift to my friends too!
Watch out this space for more, and tell me if you want my review for any specific item. Will surely tell you if I used it.
Can't believe a no Make-Up girl like me has been obsessed with Oriflame now!
(Oriflame is associated with #CalenderGirls movie which is going to hit the screens soon)

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A photo posted by shanthi marella (@shanthimarella) on

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