Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Shopping from the Brand's website.

End of season Sale!
This word looks exciting to shop for everything which is on sale.
When it comes to clothes, how can one resist??
As a Stay At Home Mom for years, and tight on budget, with no time to go out and shop, I have relied heavily on online shopping for everything I need.
There are these retail websites which have N number of brands in them.
When we shop during discounts and sales, we should know if we can return the item if found faulty.
Most of the times, even the big brands supply bad quality stuff, may be the "seconds" stuff there.
This is done by some oversmart retailers.
I have complained and returned items from so called Big brands as the material was of really bad quality.
May be they are just trying to satisfy the middle class of wearing a big brand? By giving it cheap, and of bad quality though.
Some customers complained of getting duplicate stuff. 
They found out when they took the item to the original brand store.
So beware,
Here I am sharing with you guys some brands which give you good quality stuff for reasonable price, not very low though.
I have purchased from them and happy with what I got.
All these sites have bags, shoes, clothes, and accesories.

I got a lovely pair of  Meade Green Wedges, and grey pants. Awesome.
They have clothes for both the genders.

I got shoes and accessories from here. They also send a small gift with a handwritten note. How sweet!
This site offers styling tips according to your body type, and have customised online showrooms accordingly.

They have clothes, home decor and utilities, and lovely accessories designed by  Malaika Arora Khan, Suzzanne Khan and Bipasha Basu. These stunning ladies are doing a great job by providing good quality stylish stuff at an affordable price.

I got shoes and accessories from them. Very unique and non-repetitive range.

A friend told me about this and I am very fond of this Delhi based start-up. They have lovely collection of everything under the sun. I got boots from this place. Muah, The boots are awesum.
They have many happy customers.

I share with people only my personal experiences about shopping only when I am happy with the product.
I am a homemaker and think twice before splurging, and want value for every penny I spend.
Happy shopping people!

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